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Cabramatta's famous No.1 Childrens Clothes and Shoe Shop, a family business operated by M/s Anna So since 1990. The No.1 Childrens Clothes and Shoe Shop provides good quality clothes at the cheapest prices. Clothes are sourced from China, Vietnam, Hong Kong & Indonesia. Anna travels to these countries several times a year to get the latest styles and for quality assurance. We Wholesale and Retail.


The No.1 Childrens Clothes and Shoe Shop retails beautiful dresses & suits for formal occasions such as weddings, as well as an extensive range of casual clothes. Anna also provides lovely traditional Chinese clothes. A large range of childrens shoes, boots & slippers is available, as well as adult slippers.


Anna has commissioned boys and girls clothing sets for newborn babies, perfect as a gift! Accessories sold include childrens ties, headbands, watches and wedding accessories.


As Anna is also the wholesaler to numerous other shops, you can be assured that prices are low while quality is high!


Whilst in Cabramatta, you can enjoy the ambience of the area with its extensive range of Vietnamese and other Asian restaurants, $2 shops, 14 coffee shops and other attractions. See our contact page for details.


Thank you for visiting the website of the No.1 Childrens Clothes and Shoe Shop! We hope to see you soon!